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    12 oz


    Cookies Delicious pecan shortbread cookies that kick the sugar to the curb without sacrificing flavor Crisp yet tender and with a perfect amount of crumble, these delightful cookies feature crunchy pecans and an irresistible buttery taste Baked with care and made with delicious ingredients; Made with pecans; Sugar Free (not a reduced calorie food), Kosher Dairy A travel-ready food; Makes a tasty snack at work, afternoon pick-me-up at school or late-night treat; Stow in lunchboxes, totes, and backpacks Includes 1, 8.8-ounce tray of ready-to-eat Murray Sugar Free Pecan Shortbread Cookies; Packaged for convenience, freshness, and great taste Murray Sugar Free Pecan Shortbread Cookies are baked for big flavor without sacrificing great taste. Ideal for individuals with sugar-related dietary restrictions, those seeking to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing great taste and flavor, and anyone who simply loves a deliciously crafted shortbread cookie. Baked with care, these scrumptious cookies are made for satisfying any sweet craving, no matter the occasion, and go great with ice-cold milk, coffee, or tea. A travel-ready food, Murray Sugar Free Pecan Shortbread Cookies are perfect for stowing in desks at work, lunchboxes at school, and home pantries and cupboards. Murray Cookies started with a batch of mouthwatering Vanilla Wafers baked in the home kitchen of John L. Murray in 1940 in Augusta, Georgia. Over the course of the past 70 years, Murray Cookies has expanded its delicious line of baked sweet treats to include ginger snaps, shortbread, chocolate-chip cookies, and a selection of delectable sugar-free cookies.